• Cristian Díez and Lluís Porqueras Imán Mapl Serie
  • Cristian Díez and Lluís Porqueras Imán Mapl Serie
This series introduces a simple magnet system to update a well-known form and infuse it with a whole new meaning. This innovative device offers the advantage of enabling users to regulate the height of the light source by the friction of two metal tubes that form the shaft, joined by a double magnet injected into a plastic housing. The metal screen, repeated in the three versions that make up the series -standing lamp, reading lamp and hanging lamp- is also attached to the shaft with a magnet.

 The opaque conical screen creates a highly projected light source producing varied effects. The standing lamp provides a bright overall light, whereas the other models offer more focal light sources. In all these versions, the connection between the different parts that make up the lamp works seamlessly, conveying a compact, perfectly balanced image.

The team made up by Lluís Porqueras, one of the leading pioneers in Spanish design, and Cristian Díez, is now offering us this ingenious device as one step further in their quest for the perfect lamp. If it is true, as Porqueras would have it, that inanimate objects have a special magic to them, because they arouse a certain erotic sense in those who wish to possess them, then the Imán series, based on the principle of the power of attraction between materials, shapes, and bodies, emerges as an everyday object of undeniably and eternal sensuality.

Cristian Díez
Lluís Porqueras


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