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  • Studio & Partners Y Light
The designer: Torsten Fritze: "We gave stability in shape and structure to the idea of lightness. Now it no longer is a sheet of paper in the wind. It keeps its shape, if slightly bent. We used fluorescence as the basic technology for this product, as it is the most efficient way to create and diffuse light - besides energy saving".

Y Light is a coordinated system made up of a floor lamp and a direct/indirect emission suspension designed to use compact fluorescent lamps TC-L. The direct/indirect emission fitting has a luminance L < 1000 cd/m2 for angles > 65°. The reflector has special tiny holes and combines with a diffusing film to allow excellent diffusion of the light towards the working plane with no glare.

The floor version makes it possible to adjust the light emission so that the kind of light produced meets the user's specific requirements. Technical characteristics: The light flow is emitted 90% upwards (indirect light) and 10% towards the working plane (direct light). The electronic ballasts needed to operate the lamps make it possible to reduce energy consumption and adjust the light flow. They are housed inside the optical assembly. A top transparent polycarbonate protection screen is available as an accessory with anti-UV treatment.

The technical characteristics of the fitting conform to standards EN60598-1. Degree of protection IP20 IMQ approval, ENEC Seal, F seal, GWT 850°C Materials and light sources Materials: The optical assembly has extruded-aluminium side profiles, polycarbonate end caps and internal painted sheet-steel structure.

The reflector is made of sheet steel and the rod of square-section extruded aluminium. The base is made of steel and has antislip rubber elements. Light sources: 4 compact fluorescent lamps ( TC-L) 55 W for the floor lamp and 80 W. 4 compact fluorescent lamps ( TC-L) 55W and 80W for the suspended version.

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