• Carles Riart Fernando Table
  • Carles Riart Fernando Table
This large table has an almost architectural air, with each pair of tapering legs forming a shape which recalls the delightful symmetry of the torii seen at Shinto shrines. While working with Mobles Casas, Carles Riart furnished the private living room of Fernando Amat - owner of Vinçon, a Barcelona shop renowned for its fine design. Amat's home was in Gaudí's famous Casa Milá, popularly known as La Pedrera.

Riart designed a baseboard and an impressive sofa which followed the sinuous shapes of Gaudí's walls and melded in with the building's Modern style. He also designed a huge solid wooden table intended to lend added elegance and comfort to the social gatherings hosted by Amat. The table was accompanied by a set of chairs and armchairs, also re-edited by Santa & Cole under the Fernando name. The Fernando table shows Riart's consummate skill in combining traditional construction know-how and new formal expressions.

The tabletop is joined to the legs by a strong central longitudinal beam. The legs depart from the traditional U-shape to create an inverted "V", reminiscent of early trestle tables. The table is assembled in such a way that all the joints are cunningly concealed, a single safety screw providing the only clue to the ingenious construction. The generous 120 cm wide table is ideal for people seated face to face.

The intelligent positioning of the legs close to the table's longitudinal centre beam provides superb leg room. Striking in large spaces, the Fernando also doubles up as a desk which will never be too small, no matter what it is used for. Wooden table Natural varnish 215 x 122 x h: 72 cm

Carles Riart


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