• Angel Jové and Santiago Roqueta Babel Lamp
The Babel is a lamp with a firm yet pleasant presence. Cast in solid white alabaster, it is capable of banishing solitude from a bar counter and becomes a table-top totem pole. When the Babel first appeared, along with its sister lamp the Zeleste, it caused an aesthetic stir. The choice of alabaster was daring: a material whose essence had been betrayed in countless souvenir shops frequented by tourists. In this particular tower of Babel, the properties of the alabaster are combined with elegant yet efficient lines which recall the days of Art Déco.

Concentric rings grade the base and tip in a progressive softening of the outlines. No one Babel is identical to another. The uniqueness of each is owed to the individual texture of the alabaster which confers on each piece a organic quality and also serves to enliven the quality of the light. Ideal for positioning on a table and equally effective on the floor, this lamp is from the Snark Collection (a mythological creature, half-snake, half-shark, created by Lewis Carroll in The Hunting of the Snark). Snark was run by Santiago Roqueta in the 1970s and produced lamps and futuristic furnishings.

The creator of this lamp, Ángel Jové, is a versatile and unusual character; a design teacher, practising graphic designer and illustrator, prize-winning interior designer, writer, actor, television scriptwriter and director, painter and man of many facets. The Babel is a nostalgic lamp which radiates ambience. It creates warmth on the nights of celebration, and beckons night birds to flock round. Max. 60 W 230 V E 27. Dimmer CE

Angel Jové
Santiago Roqueta


Santa & Cole