• Carles Riart Vallvidrera Chair
The Vallvidrera is full of sensual curves. Carles Riart's aim was to design a modern wing chair. The end result is that and much more, its sweeping lines recalling sculpted forms. The armchair won the Delta de Plata ADI FAD prize in 1986.

"At the time Santiago Roqueta and I felt that armchairs were becoming less sensual and more uncomfortable. Modular furniture was all the rage then so we decided to create a piece together which would break the mould. He drew the front elevation and I did the profile, we moulded a model in clay on 1:5 scale and took it to an upholsterer."(Carles Riart)

The rest is history. The chair is a radical departure from traditional armchair forms. Dynamic curves predominate, producing a vibrant design which is far removed from the staid forms normally employed for this kind of furniture. The upholstery accentuates the curves. The inner and outer sides of the chair can be upholstered in different shades. The Vallvidrera is not only aesthetically surprising but is also extremely comfortable. The well-padded chair wings and seat are very ergonomic and cosset the sitter.

Riart designed the chair for his house in Barcelona's Vallvidrera district, hence the name. The piece was designed in the 1970s, a period characterised by new counter-cultural movements, psychedelic trends, and radical Italian design. Whatever its inspiration, this superb design has withstood the test of time and become a classic. Armchair hand-sewn upholstery Fabric required: 5.5 m 85 x 88 x H 96 cm

Carles Riart


Santa & Cole