• Louis Weisdorf Turbo Lamp
  • Louis Weisdorf Turbo Lamp
"Turbo" was created by Louis Weisdorf in 1965 and this year we celebrate its 40 years anniversary by launching the pendant in its two original sizes "Turbo36" and "Turbo62" (36 & 62 referring to the diameter of each pendant in centimetres). "Turbo" is a very simple design containing 12 identical white-sprayed spiral shaped segments made of aluminium whose exterior follow the face of a globe. That means that the light does not blind but the bulb is completely screened.

At the Hannover fair in 1973 "Turbo" was nominated by an international jury to be shown at the special show "Die Gute Industrieform", he received the award IF73. Louis Weisdorf (1932) has as a designer and architect achieved great acknowledgement in quite a few matters. Among other things he has as a manager at PH's son Simon P. Henningsen's - drawing office designed "Plænen" and "Perlen" in the lovely amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. In Tivoli there are also more lights by Louis Weisdorf,  the famous "Konkylie-pendant", designed especially for Tivoli, furthermore have Lyfa and Le Klint benefited by his design of lights.

Louis Weisdorf has also designed chairs and buildings for Verner Panton and has worked freelance for PH e.g. designing chairs for the Aveny theatre in Copenhagen. During the 60s Louis Weisdorf's new and different lamp designs attracted a lot of attention. He was a pioneer in his field and because of his sense of form, function and aesthetics he also received a great deal of international acknowledgement. His design has a characteristic of elegance, sculptural idiom and great lighting qualities.

Louis Weisdorf


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