• Robert Heritage and Roger Webb Subeybaja Table
The Subeybaja is a multi-use round wooden table with folding legs that can be set to seven different heights to serve a wide range of needs. Disform, a pioneering furniture design firm in the seventies and eighties, produced pieces by some of the best contemporary designers - the company won Spain's National Design Award in 1990. Santa & Cole subsequently took on the Disform catalogue, initially as a separate collection and then as part of its Fondo Contemporáneo range.

The height of the Subeybaja can be adjusted at whim to serve as a dining table, a centre table, or a children's table; you decide. A simple safe wood and metal-toothed ratchet provides the height adjustment. A wooden lever just beneath the table top releases the ratchet and one simply presses up or down on the table top the desired height before releasing the lever. The lever position is clearly marked, making the whole process completely foolproof. The folding legs form an intriguing star-shaped lattice beneath the table and provide the secret of the table's incredible versatility.

The metal feet are fitted with rubber stops to prevent slipping and to protect floor surfaces. Ideal for a multitude of uses, this elegant table satisfies the modern need for versatile, easily movable furniture at a reasonable price. The table folds flat for storage and transport, further adding to the Subeybaja's superb functional features. Wooden table, adjustable to seven different heights from 39 to 72 cm Ø 100 cm

Robert Heritage
Roger Webb


Santa & Cole