• Teherani - Bitsch - Nether HELIODISC Lamp
  • Teherani - Bitsch - Nether HELIODISC Lamp
  • Teherani - Bitsch - Nether HELIODISC Lamp
The task area luminaire with a personality HELIODISC by Zumtobel Staff boasts refreshingly different looks: thanks to its dynamic design, the new task area luminaire self-confidently casts a spell over any interior.

Expressive and authentic, it interacts with sophisticated architectural concepts in which creative lighting and exclusive design play a major role. Those looking for something new among the abundance of minimalist luminaires on the market will be enthusiastic about Heliodisc.

Everything previously as purist and reduced as possible will now catch people's eyes, inspiring their imagination. With HELIODISC, Zumtobel Staff has introduced something definitely new to the rather uniform world of task area lighting.

As a bracket-fitted luminaire, HELIODISC has a maximum length of 194 cm. The white painted aluminium bracket in an organic, fluid design is fixed to the ceiling via a striking, clearly visible fixture. HELIODISC is also available as a free-standing luminaire.

215 cm high, its attractively curved luminaire bracket extends into the room over a length of 140 cm. In both versions, as ceiling-mounted bracket and free-standing luminaire, the unique, impulsive design sticks to its lines without any compromise.

The distinctive appearance of HELIODISC results from the combination of the flat luminaire head, that resembles a disk, with a dynamically curving bracket. With a diameter of just under 54 cm, the luminaire head is made of visually high-grade polymethylacrylate, fitted with a three-part optic: one part featuring a micro-pyramidal structure, one part translucent, and one completely transparent.

Thus the innovative technical features of the luminaire become elegantly visible from the outside. A strong quartet A sophisticated mix of lamps makes HELIODISC an innovative, multifunctional product. Four different light sources, compact fluorescent lamp, T16 circular lamp, LED and HIT metal halide lamp create synergies to provide perfect lighting quality.

The type, number and output of the lamps has been chosen so as to precisely set the lighting atmosphere and meet individual requirements. They have been integrated into a typical DALI system, allowing to control them easily and quickly via intelligent control technology. The transparent luminaire housing radiates diffuse light upwards and direct light downwards.

Versatile task area lighting HELIODISC is compatible with Zumtobel Staff's task area concept. Using one luminaire only, single or double workstations in two-axis or three-axis offices can be illuminated according to the EN12464 standard. One HELIODISC can replace up to six traditional linear luminaires.

"With Heliodisc we have implemented the concept of a versatile lighting module to give architects and interior designers maximum possible design and creative freedom.

Six linear luminaires are replaced by one sun providing the same lighting quality. This increases both the technical and architectural scope. The artificial solar disk is a sensuous lighting object, satisfying people's emotional needs as well." (Hadi Teherani, Hamburg / D)

Hadi Teherani
Ulrich Bitsch
Ulrich Nether


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