• Antoni Arola Ferrer Nimba Pendant Lamp
  • Antoni Arola Ferrer Nimba Pendant Lamp
  • Antoni Arola Ferrer Nimba Pendant Lamp
Nimba is a circle of light which floats like a halo: a suspended metallic lamp, with a white shade, which elegantly blends primitive simplicity with high technology.

The Nimba lamp consists of a metallic frame of Linearflex into which is inserted a diffuser shade which stores a series of small Xenon light bulbs. This luminous circle is suspended by three copper cables. Although it appears simple, the idea required a complex technical plan.

It involved integrating a tape of small light bulbs in a curved angular shape which took two years of development by its designer Antoni Arola. As a lover of Africa, a continent he has visited on numerous occasions and also of the extraordinary designs applied to satellites and space modules, Antoni Arola traced the first outlines of this lamp in the parched earth of a village in Ghana.

Once in his study, playing with a tape of light in his hands, he thought of applying the Agabekov system to an interior light. This system consists of a straight line of small light bulbs, and is usually employed in architectural lighting: the facade of The Louvre and many small bridges over the Seine draw an outline of Paris at night. By using it in the Nimba, Arola gave the lamp the characteristics of great resistance and durability.

The concept of a hoop of light has historical origins that begin with medieval candelabras in palaces and cathedrals, such as the lamp of Charlemagne in Aachen or the famous lamp of Adolf Loos for the main salon of the Café Museum in Vienna. A cosy lamp which requires open spaces and high ceilings, the Nimba fills a space like a radiating crown.

Because, in addition to its obvious lighting function it is an element which creates a very special atmosphere. When one hangs a series of Nimbas in the same space, as in the National Library in Madrid, they create a spiritual, ethereal and relaxed atmosphere, of meditation and of movement in spaces that are extraordinarily enhanced by its presence. The Nimba light reflects Santa & Cole's interest in promoting a more human use of high technology.

Simple external forms, primitive symbolism, a hand-made structure and great lighting capacity characterise this lamp, which gets its name nimbus or halo which crowned sacred images, as an allusion to an ethereal concept.

Nimba 60: 36 x 10 W. 24 V.
Nimba 90: 48 x 8,5 W. 24 V.
Nimba 120: 68 x 8,5 W. 24 V.

Antoni Arola