• Miguel Milá Tema Lamp
The Tema lamp is a more economic metal version of the TMM. A cylindrical tubular shaft constitutes the axis so that the circular parchment screen can be moved to the desired height.

The metal foot, in the shape of a cross, is sheet metal bent in the shape of an inverted "V" and mounted on four rubber stoppers. Although simple in appearance, the Tema lamp comes from a noble line of floor lamps inspired by the TN, a model which Miguel Milá designed in 1956 for the office of his aunt Nuria.

The TMC came in 1958, the Previa came to light in 1957, the TMM in 1961 and the last of this dynasty, the Tema, the metallic version of its predecessors, was introduced in 1968. A slender metallic tube equipped with a foot in the form of a cross, the Tema has a movable shade. Like the TMM models, it is simple to use.

Just a flick of the finger to turn the light on and off, a simple movement to raise and lower the shade. In 1996 this lamp was reissued by Santa & Cole in two metal finishes, silver and black, with a special circular shade of white parchment which can be regulated by special joints.

Comes with black rubber cord. Floor lamp Metal shaft Height adjustable Máx. 100 W. 230 V. E27

Miguel Milá


Santa & Cole