• Antoni Arola Ferrer TAU Lamp
  • Antoni Arola Ferrer TAU Lamp
This is a lamp that consists of a set of two prisms in square section, where the shade is set totally within the shaft, unfurling in four steps until it is totally vertical.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the ones that offer the most surprising solutions. The TAU lamp is a column that unfolds from its upper vertex, enabling a 180° turn of the shade that is hidden in its interior, with three intermediary positions.

Illumination becomes a matter of angles. This is the secret, and the greatness, of this lamp. Although its ideal angle is 90º, as it enables optimum illumination of a work station and also, in the floor version, the creation of a reading area next to an armchair or a sofa, the TAU can be used in a variety of ways.

When closed, its fluorescent light produces soft twinkles that frame the interior prism (the shade). At 45°, it creates an intimate atmosphere around it; at 75º, it provides overall lighting; and at 180º it acts as a focus of direct light. Simplicity is definitely a quality. 8 W 230 V T 2 F

Antoni Arola Ferrer


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