• Carles Riart Granollers Chair
  • Carles Riart Granollers Chair
Carles Riart's design combines the lightness of a chair and the comfort of an armchair. Its comfortable upholstery and slightly inclined arms and back make it ideal for whiling away an hour or two at the local snooker club, hence its name. For every chair Riart designs, he makes at least fifty drawings, each capturing some feature which he wants to see in the final piece of furniture.

He gradually whittles these versions down to an ideal chair which embodies all these qualities. Lounging in the Snooker over a drink is an ideal way to appreciate the design. It combines the practicality of a lightweight chair and the comfort of a well-upholstered armchair, featuring wide curving arms and a deep seat. Its height is fractionally lower than most chairs, being designed to accompany the Snooker table.

The design, which dates from 1985, is Riart's elegant re-interpretation of the kind of chair found in cafés at the turn of the last century where the clientele engaged in the art of conversation or gamed away at small tables. The chair has unpretentiously pleasing lines and is crafted from solid maple wood. The upholstered seat and back slope slightly for extra comfort and the curve of the arms is designed to encourage a relaxed conversational posture. Armchair Beech wood. Natural varnish. Hand-sewn upholstery.

Carles Riart


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