• Jørgen Kastholm and Preben Fabricius Scimitar Chair
  • Jørgen Kastholm and Preben Fabricius Scimitar Chair
The original idea to the classic chair came to architect and professor Jørgen Kastholm more than 40 years ago. It was while the furniture designer Jørgen Kastholm worked in Lebanon in the beginning of the sixties, he was first inspired to make a chair with architect Preben Fabricius.

Together they designes Scimitar chair as a part of a line, of unique furniture, where many other pieces are also made by bo-ex furniture aps. Having the chair manufactures, was at first an extremely difficult task. The base which is created by pouring hot metal into 3 individual ceramic molds and then welded into this beautiful shape, was a big assignment, that even B&W (Burmaister & Wain Shipyard) amongst others turned down.

The architects finally got in contact with Ivan Schlechter, who agreed to take on the production and the chair was first shown to the public in 1963 at an exhibition at Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Arts. The Scimitar chair received great attention in its early years and has been featured in several books. It had been shown as an excellent example of classic Danish design to architect and design students around the world.

The chair has not been in production since 1984, but has now been brought back from its somewhat anonymous existence by Gert Auhagen, owner of bo-ex furniture aps, who carefully and with precession was restored the orginal base, and is now ready to be produced again.

Jørgen Kastholm
Preben Fabricius


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