• Jindrich Halabala Recliner
  • Jindrich Halabala Recliner
Jindrich Halabala is one of the most important Czech furniture designers of the 1930s worked between 1925 and 1955 as head of design for the country's leading furniture manufacturer, the Brno based UP.

In 1931, Halabala introduced a series of five armchairs, all with the same streamlined, looped armrests and base but with five different types of seats and backrests (four adjustable and one fixed). More than 70 years on, the armchairs have become classics of Czech Modernism. Even though mass produced throughout the 1930s, the original pieces are increasingly difficult to find.

To prevent such excellent design from disappearing altogether, Modernista has secured the rights to reissue the armchair and other Halabala pieces. The first product in Modernista's Halabala range is the double action model with a 3-way adjustable base and backrest.The frame is made of solid beech wood, cushions for the basic version are of good quality polyurethane foam covered in simple, locally produced chenille fabric, and all metal parts are stainless steel.

The wood in the basic version is left natural or stained and sealed with lacquer. However, as the armchairs are made to order, customers have a wide range of other options. Frames can be stained, lacquered in colours or veneered in any wood while cushions can be made of more durable materials or can be sprung. The price of the basic version is 650 eur. Extras Lacquering Frames can be lacquered in any colour and finished in satin or high gloss. The additional cost is 100 eur and 135 eur respectively. Veneering Frames can be veneered in any wood available.

We are happy to use veneers supplied by customers who want to achieve a complete match with the rest of an interior. Veneers vary greatly in price so the final price will also range from approx. 275 eur to 330 eur. Upholstering The quality and durability of the cushions increase with the quality of the materials used. For 100 eur extra we can make the cushions of with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee or insert a springbox inside the cushion for even greater durability.

Jindrich Halabala

1931 (reedition 2003)