• Santa & Cole Mecedora la Huerta Rocking Chair
This simple rocking chair, inspired by the work of anonymous craftsmen, aims to evoke the pleasant back-and-forth movement, the cool afternoons at La huerta, where conversation or just simply being there are the high points of the day. At the beginning of the century simple canvas rocking chairs were to be found in Granada and in almost all towns and cities throughout Spain, wherever people gathered in gardens and patios and on terraces.

On sunny summer mornings, cool evenings and the fragrant nights, these chairs embodied the pleasure of relaxing, sitting down to chat or simply being there. They were always lightweight because they had to be easy to moveand were, made of natural materials, natural fibres, wood and cotton to keep the sitter cool. These chairs maintained one's body in a more or less upright position, but one that was conducive to rest and relaxation. Their particular charm: they rocked you slowly back and forth, almost like the gentle rocking of a cradle.

Sometimes there was a whole array of chairs on the patio: everyone chose their favourite when it came time to take a little nap or discuss complicated matters face-to-face. This rocking chair is a reproduction of a model found in La huerta de San Vicente, today a neighbourhood of Granada, formerly the site of the García Lorca's summer holidays. A combination rocking chair and hammock, it is based on a simple, original principle: the wooden frame supports the fabric, and the strong canvas fabric supports the person. The fact that the chair has no arm rests makes it lighter and more modern. It is a piece that was widely used in the past and is still part of a tradition that lives on in La huerta today. Upholstered wooden rocking chair 77 x 55 x h: 98 cm

Santa & Cole


Santa & Cole