• Carles Riart Cómodo Sofa
A legendary piece by Carles Riart that captures the sensual concept of comfort, the Cómodo is a sofa that is not just spacious but truly pleasurable. Low and wider than usual it is more than a different way to sit: it is a way of life. This sofa is called Cómodo because it is just the opposite of what usually stands for comfort. It is not a sofa where four people sit with both feet resting on the floor.

It is intended for casual use: sprawl on top of it, put your bare feet on the seat, use it to take a nap, or as a meeting place. Put your feet on the cushions. Use the sofa as a playground for romps with your children. It is a sofa that always makes you feel really comfortable. "Above all, a sofa should be comfortable, and comfort is a matter of measurements. It also depends on the individual because everyone sits in a different way."

This statement by designer Carles Riart explains the sofa's unusual dimensions: 135 cm deep, a width midway between a single and a double bed, and 31 cm from the floor, an unusually low height compared to more formal sofas, and one that entices you into a relaxed position as soon as you sit down. The Cómodo's very springy, spacious surface is set on a wooden frame and four very short turned legs plus a concealed central leg to distribute the load. It has two large feather-filled cushions which can be placed in the position of your choice: in the middle, up against the wall, tossed casually about. An optional back rest is also available.

The Cómodo sofa was designed by Carles Riart for his home in Vallvidrera where he was to experiment with and develop a new line of Special Furniture, innovative multi-purpose pieces that were forerunners of the post-modern aesthetic. The Cómodo was one of the designs that would have delighted the most hedonistic patrician of Roman times.

Carles Riart


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