• Miguel Milá Sexta Pendant Lamp
The Sexta hanging lamp consists of a double circle of light divided into six 60° sections that revisits the secular tradition of the old iron luminaires. Its illustrious predecessor is the Estadio lamp, also designed by Miguel Milá. The light sources of this lamp are housed inside a circular structure divided into six equal sections. Each of these six sections acts as a repetition of shades, creating a double luminous beam, both inside and outside.

This luminous ring is designed for illuminating large areas. The frame is a single laser-cut steel plate. The white plastic shade is glued to the frame at its edges. The compositional sobriety and purity of lines, unmistakeable characteristics of its creator, are well displayed in this lamp. The formal and technical solution produces excellent illumination: the 6 bulbs provide a great deal of light and the light source is always hidden, thus avoiding dazzling.

 This ring of light is 1 m. in diameter and hangs from three polished chrome-plated steel tubes that lead the wire to a boss. Each of the three arms ends at a ball-and-socket joint centred on the boss. Such simple design allows gravity to steady the lamp whilst protecting it from accidental blows. The ceiling rose houses another ball-and-socket joint to offer even greater articulation. Pendulous and telescopic structure Spherical. Máx. 6 x 60 W. E 27 230 V.

Miguel Milá


Santa & Cole