• Antoni Arola Oven 60 Lamp
A ball of fire, a piece of blue sky or a starry night? You can create any lighting effect you ever imagined with Oven 60, a luminous globe that houses the colors of the visible spectrum in its core. Antoni Arola, winner of the Spanish National Design Award in 2003, found his inspiration in the light he saw filtering through a jellyfish and designed the original Oven 125, intended for large spaces.

The image involved superimposing two translucent spheres with a subdued finish on the outside that give texture to the light emanating from the inside, which glows evenly all around the globe. The result is a halo full of nuances. The lamps size has been cut in half, allowing it to adapt to smaller spaces, both public and private. The changing color core remains the same, based on the principle of primary color combinations, yet the technology is different.

Here the fluorescent light used in Oven 125 is replaced by blue, red, and yellow LEDs -light-emitting diodes-. One of the advantages of LED technology is its excellent energy efficiency: the diodes can last up to one hundred times longer than an incandescent bulb. The lamps hue and brightness can be regulated at any moment with an infrared remote control. Oven 60 is a strong presence, capable of constantly reinventing itself and providing a theatrical quality to a wide range of spaces, at home or at the workplace. Hanging lamp 2 x 1 W 7 x 3 W LED 3mA 230 V

Antoni Arola


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