• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Fasce Cromate Table
Fasce cromate is one of the rare pieces to be successful in any size (tall, short, wide, narrow). At home in any environment, this piece constitutes the ideal frame for a special area carpet, which will take on a new beauty. It is a stunning dinner table, conference table, coffee table or desk.

Fasce Cromate is now considered the ultimate in Italian design, however when it was first launched it was highly provocative, as chrome had previously only been used in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Even though Azucena used noble brass as a core for the chrome-plated frame, to add a touch of warmth that a steel core would have lacked, the chromeplated table was too modern for the times.

When chrome finally came into fashion Fasce Cromate came into its own as the shiny setting had the effect of throwing the glass into relief. This floating picture frame is composed of successive iron bands. It is constructed in such a way that the legs are concealed from above so that they do not detract from the picture behind the glass. The four angular black powder-coated iron legs culminate in adjustable feet and act as hidden structural supports, creating the impression that the tabletop is poised in space.

Available in any dimension or height. Tabletop available in crystal glass with polished chrome-plated brass frame or wooden tabletop covered in Alcantara, wool fabric, leather with polished chrome-plated brass frame. Legs in black powder-coated iron, adjustable feet.

Luigi Caccia Dominioni