• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Boccia Lamp
The design of this lamp is incredibly simple. It is an ode to light, a kind of archetypical suspended ball. The lamp features a varnished iron chain, hook, and a metallic grey aluminium light socket in the shape of a spinning top.

The globe is in finest blown Murano crystal, which creates an exceptionally white light. The crystal is from Murano as it is only there that you can still find genuinely colourless glass. As the rays pass through the fine three-millimetre crystal they undergo a double refraction, transforming the ball into a luminous orb. Boccia is available in several versions for different spatial contexts, according to Azucena’s design philosophy.

Boccia Singola (Single Globe), comes with double hooks and no chain for low ceilings, or with a length of chain for positioning the lamp in space. Monticello and Grappolo are designed for lighting situations in which a single point of light is not sufficient or where it is necessary to draw the spheres down from a high ceiling, like those of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (Grappolo was made famous in a photo by Ugo Mulas in which a young Caccia Dominioni is staring up in wonderment at the balls of pure white light). A version in frosted glass, including larger versions with 3/4 of sphere, and wall lamps are also available.

Boccia Singola
Globe in clear Murano crystal or frosted glass; diameter 40 cm or 30 cm. Version with 3/4
of sphere in frosted glass, with clear strip at bottom, diameter 45 cm. Ceiling hook and chain in varnished iron, light socket in metallic grey aluminium, notched ceiling rose in black rubber.

Boccia a Grappolo
Three or four globes in clear Murano crystal or frosted glass, diameter 40 cm. Separator, hook and chains in varnished iron, light sockets in metallic grey aluminium.

Boccia Monticello
Three globes in clear Murano crystal or frosted glass, diameter 40 cm. Ceiling fixture with varnished iron fan grill, light sockets in metallic grey aluminium.

Luigi Caccia Dominioni