• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Imbuto Floor Lamp
  • Luigi Caccia Dominioni Imbuto Floor Lamp
Imbuto (Funnel) is the quintessential floor lamp, a stem of light stretching upwards. It was born as a tribute to the candle, the progenitor of all lamps. So why not extrapolate the essentials of the candle and reconstruct them according to the laws of electricity?

A twenty-centimetre circular cast iron base serves to anchor the slim polished or chrome-plated brass stand. The stem dilates ever so slightly at the top, creating a florescent repository that flows into the upturned cone of the reflector and lamp holder. Caccia Dominioni appropriately calls the lamp a “champagne flute” for its stylish form. Today it hosts a halogen lamp that produces a light of purest white to illuminate the surrounding space.

Height 192 cm
Base in black varnished cast iron,
diameter 20 cm.
Stand in polished or chrome-plated brass.
Reflector in metallic grey aluminium or polished
chrome-plated copper, diameter 20 cm.
Ceramic E27 socket;
recommended bulb: halogen 250W

Luigi Caccia Dominioni