• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Porcino Table Lamp
This mushroom-like lamp has a polished chrome stalk and crystal glass cap that rests on three arms attached to the cylindrical lamp holder. The “three quarters of sphere” is frosted inside apart from a clear five-centimetre strip at bottom, reminding us of Caccia Dominioni’s constant concern with highlighting each object’s raison d’être. The clear strip highlights the connection between the lamp holder and the base, separating the cap from the base so that the cap seems to float above it; this transparent band also forms a unusual luminous crown that complements the mirror-like surface of the polished chrome base and the warm light created by the frosted glass cap.

Table lamp, globe in blown glass, 3/4 of sphere frosted inside with 5 cm clear strip. Base in polished chrome-plated brass, E27 socket.

Small version, with single bulb, globe diameter 35 cm, height 42 cm.
Large version, with four bulbs (three lateral and one central) with double switch, globe diameter 45 cm, height 60 cm.

Luigi Caccia Dominioni