• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Fasce Cromate Sofa
This sofa, which features the most famous backrest in the history of Italian design, was conceived as a living room centrepiece. The spine is not only structural but also has an impact on the sofa’s lines. As in architecture, the apparent structural element is expressed and recurs throughout, even in the fastenings. Profiles have been favoured over round section tubing to ensure that the cushions fit snugly. The same design logic is carried through to the geometric upholstered components, which slot together neatly. The polished chrome-plated iron frame forms a structural cage that encompasses the armrests, base and cushions, with a U-shaped pleat forming the feet.

Sofas and armchair with frame in polished chrome-plated iron profiles, seat with tied coil springs, upholstering in expanded polyurethane of various thicknesses, covers fully removable.

Three-seater 205x85 cm, height 75cm
(yardage l.10 m, w.130 cm)
Two-seater 150x85 cm, height 75cm
(yardage l. 8 m, w.130 cm)

88x85 cm, height 75cm
(yardage l. 4.80 m, w.130 cm)

Luigi Caccia Dominioni