• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Bordighera Table
The large Saint-Gobain crystal glass tabletop is a good twenty millimetres thick, requiring a base with the proportions and manufacturing typical of large-scale architectural works rather than design objects.

The two legs, reminiscent of powerful 19th Century iron structures, are bent at the base to form the feet, creating a symmetry that highlights the structural force of the table. The legs are composed of several pieces welded together to create a solid, rigorously geometric whole. The angles formed by the legs and feet (which face in alternate directions) define and thus redeem the space between the tabletop and the floor.

The massive sheet of quality crystal glass has been subjected to minimal finishing to retain a maximum of strength. This also carries through in the subtle luminescence of the edges and lightly bevelled corners. Because the tabletop is unusually wide and the glass unusually thick, Bordighera is also ideal as a boardroom table.

Rectangular version: 130x250 cm, height 72cm
Other formats available on request

Luigi Caccia Dominioni