• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Ventola Table Lamp
This lamp formed by a very fine copper obliquesection cylinder resembles either Müller’s reflection apparatus, or an illustration from a manual on descriptive geometry or quite simply a fan covering.

The reflector is shaped in such a way that the lamp can be oriented to provide more or less direct light with the copper curve diffusing attractive condensed rays of rose- coloured light. The magic of this lamp is echoed in the myriad of rays reflected by the luminous twenty-five-centimetre bowl. The shiny polished or chrome-plated brass base with three small supports forms a ring of a different luminosity, helping to detach the lamp from the table. This halo makes Ventola (Fan) a highly versatile decorative feature.

Height 25cm
Base in polished or chrome-plated brass,
diameter 25 cm.
Reflector in polished copper.
E27 socket.

Luigi Caccia Dominioni