• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Pipistrello Desk
Pipistrello (Bat) was designed according to two requisites. The first is of a dimensional nature �" to render the large proportions of the desk manageable.

The second is of a more functional nature �" to make visitors feel welcome while maintaining a certain distance. The overall design concept focused, as always, on brightening a traditionally sombre or austere object so that it in turn brightens its surroundings. Caccia Dominioni has designed an organic desktop with an unconventional, fluid edge. The base is bent so as to hide the user’s legs and create a wave of light.

The plane of iridescent dark peacock green electro-coulored steel curves with almost sculptural harmony in a sinuous line wrapping up the legs, bonding with them and using them as a frame. The desktop has a highgloss black edge and has been artfully indented to render the vis-à-vis less daunting.

The desktop is available in high-gloss polyester lacquer (navy blue, grey, black, Chinese red, British racing green) or wood veneer (mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry) with clear high-gloss or satin polyester lacquer finish; edge in solid wood. Base in electro-coloured steel. Legs in metallic grey powder-coated iron.

220x95 cm, height 75cm

Luigi Caccia Dominioni