• Luigi Caccia Dominioni Sant’Ambrogio Sofa
This elegantly sober straight-backed sofa will sit comfortably against the wall, however, like all Azucena furnishings, it can also be used to define different spaces thanks to the clean, upright lines of the back.

The backrest is slightly inclined and the armrests serve to “close off ” the lateral perspective with the geometric forms connecting at points of inflection. The base of the sofa has a tied coil spring construction and cushions.

It can be covered in any material, although it was originally in soft mohair velvet; traditional colourings are dark green or FFSS red (once used by the Italian railways in its first class carriages). The sides of the Sant’Ambrogio armchair embrace the seat slightly more than for the sofas. This variation was born of the simple but pertinent observation that people sit “front-on” in armchairs, resting their head against the wings.

Sofas, armchair and ottoman with wooden frame, base with tied coil springs, upholstering in expanded polyurethane foam of various thicknesses, fully removable cushion covers.

Three-seater 210x88 cm, height 82cm (yardage l.14 m, w.130 cm)
Two-seater 150x88 cm, height 82cm (yardage l.11 m, w.130 cm)

88x85 cm, height 88cm (yardage l.7 m, w.130 cm)

65x65 cm, height 40cm (yardage l. 1.60 m, w.130 cm)

Luigi Caccia Dominioni