• Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco Zeno Suspension Lamp
ZENO is a suspension or ceiling lighting system, that can be used in large spaces and is characterized by the possibility of creating different versions that give various chromatic effects to suit different needs. It can also be used without external solar collector connections. A single lamp body houses fluorescent light sources for diffused lighting, as well as halogen and HID Metal-Halide bulbs for indirect, and also PAR bulbs for direct lighting. It displays a very high level of luminosity (up to 30.000 lumen).

Zeno originated from Luceplan's technological evolution and research carried out on energy applied to lighting over the past two years, with particular attention to solar light. For direct use in places that cannot be reached by natural light, or in dimly lit areas during the day. A new lighting system was created, integrating different energy-producing lighting sources: form the zero consumption source - the sun, to the most advanced controlled consumption sources - compact fluorescent bulbs, HID Metal-Halide and halogen lamps.

ZENO is adapted to lighting large spaces, particularly with high ceilings, and allows for a flexible combination of its lighting components. Luceplan Design Centre provides all the necessary information for solutions on controlling light quantity and quality as well as consumption levels.

Diameter 115 cm

Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco