• Antoni Arola Oven 125 Lamp
The Oven lamp is a chromatic cell with a living, changing core. The dimmer and the remote control can be used to turn the light white, red or blue. Antoni Arola designed this large chromatic sphere with the aim of presenting a living, luminous internal core. The large sphere acts as a veil over the light, introducing subtle distinctions and giving it an organic, fluid quality. Inside, three bulbs, one yellow, one red and one blue, make up the primary colours, simply controlled by the dimmer or a remote control to create the required shade. The maximum intensity gives us white light. Pure colour theory applied to illumination.

In 2001, Arola was commissioned to illuminate the Oven Restaurant, a onetime industrial warehouse in the Barcelona Poble Nou neighbourhood. For this great space, he adapted an idea he was working on, a smaller and more domestic version, and made it grow both in size and aspirations. With the Oven "one gets the impression that there is light hidden inside". Now, given its performance in large spaces, there is a project to make it smaller to adapt it for domestic use as well. The 125 cm. cell consists of an external sandblasted methacrylate sphere and a white opal polycarbonate interior sphere. Three steel cables attach it to the ceiling at three points. Electronic infrared dimmer Remote control 12xT26 (T8) 18 w 230 V G13

Antoni Arola


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