• Philippe Starck M.I.S.S. - Music Image Sofa System
  • Philippe Starck M.I.S.S. - Music Image Sofa System
A design project based on the idea of fusing home technologies and furniture.

The sofas are designed to integrate the speakers (installed at the ends of the back) and the subwoofer, the bass control device (installed in the lower part of the armrest of larger size).
With their generous size, the upholstered elements are welcoming, comfortable and totally "pure": the appliances and connections are installed in easy-access spaces and elegantly concealed.

A special kit, designed specifically, allows full potential for connection to audio and video systems; the cable, flat and multi-band, is not live.

The composition includes:
- sofas with one or two armrests (wide or narrow)
- armchairs, chaise-longue armchairs and central element
- island and corner elements, poufs and convenient elements which can be used either as end or corner parts.

Each element is fully upholstered with covers which can be removed extremely easily (each item can easily be dismantled into all its component parts), and can be used alone or with all the other elements in the composition.

M.I.S.S. always has a high back. Feather or polyester filling. The depth can be 107 cm or 123 cm.

A version is available which, while retaining all the other features described, does not have the cabling facility.

Philippe Starck