• Luigi Caccia Dominioni SCR7 Sciabola Piccola
  • Luigi Caccia Dominioni SCR7 Sciabola Piccola
This mahogany desk is a perfect example of the possibilities created by the translation of two finite parallel planes. The two surfaces with their bullnosed high-gloss black lacquer edges resemble dual sabres that come together to create an extremely dynamic ensemble made up of various micro spatialities. Two drawers run between the parallel surfaces and the protruding wing of the lower plane creates interesting depth of field. The high gloss of the polyester lacquer finish creates a chiaroscuro effect and the chrome brace connecting the two supports seems to pierce the intervening space.

Available in high-gloss polyester lacquer (navy blue, grey, black, Chinese red, British racing green) or wood veneer (mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry) with clear high-gloss or satin polyester lacquer finish; edge in solid wood. Brace in polished chrome-plated brass.

190x90 cm, height 75cm

Luigi Caccia Dominioni