• Alexander Taylor Fold Lamps
The Fold family of lamps consist of one large floor lamp and two smaller table versions. The ‘family’ share obvious features, not least the ingenious folded aluminium process of construction. There is nothing new about creating a product through manipulating and folding sheet material but the challenge was to create something that appears simple yet in reality is relatively complex in production.

“I like work containing honesty with regard to construction process and thought. I think the product should tell its own story and once your thoughts have to be explained then something within the design is not working”. Alexander Taylor.

This range of lamps have a naturally developed form that offers a hint of tradition which is emphasized by the use of braided and twisted cable. Although this reference to tradition is clearly evident, the lamp is totally reliant on new technology and manufacturing skills for production.

Table lamp: H 230 x L 120 x D 120 mm
Table lamp: H 450 x L 260 x D 260 mm
Florr lamp: H 1550 x L 450 x D 450 mm

Powder-coated aluminium

Sulphur yellow, black red, signal white

Alexander Taylor

Established & Sons