• Jörg Boner and Christian Deuber Ajax Desk
Foldable writing desk with integrated energy saving lamp, 30 watt. Formed Multiplex with birch-faceveneer. Frame of matte chromium-plated steel tubing.

Desks are zones for contemplation and concentration. Ajax is the ideal partner for both of these activities. The birchwood top is a “tabula rasa” that encourages the free flow of thoughts and ideas. Indeed, the overall, restrained design is extremely functional: raised storage provides a clutterfree writing surface and provides additional storage space while a lamp, concealed an the underside of the raised storage, provides even, glare-free light. And once the work has been done, Ajax can be folded and stored flat.

W 110 x D 88 x H 82/72 cm

Jörg Boner and Christian Deuber