• Karel Boonzaaijer and Dick Spierenburg MeMo Office Furniture
  • Karel Boonzaaijer and Dick Spierenburg MeMo Office Furniture
Dutch designers Dick Spierenburg and Karel Boonzaaijer have developed a vision on how to furnish the managers’ working environment.

Memo offers the solution for a manager who needs to be flexible in his working environment, and wants his personal furnished work place. He wants to have the freedom to meet a various number of people and use the space for inspired management.

There are screens that divide the large desk into different zones to separate individual activities from meeting people. The upholstered screen guarantees an acoustic and visual intimacy and helps conceal post and papers. It completes the architectonic interior design.

Desks, tables, cabinets and cables melt together into an integral piece of furniture with all elements in the recognizable Montis style.

Domestic low seating elsewhere in the room makes informal communication personal. The furnishing of the office gives the manager the opportunity to work, meet and relax.

All Montis products, colours, finishes and materials turn Meeting the Manager from the work place into an inspiring and personal work environment.

Karel Boonzaaijer and Dick Spierenburg