• Alfredo Häberli Skaia Table
  • Alfredo Häberli Skaia Table
Frame of chromium-plated or powdercoated steel. Verneered tabletop.

The thick wooden table top immediately draws attention, while the filigree, minimalistic feet are almost invisible. Thus the mighty oval table of Skaia almost appears to be floating in thin air. A table in the true sense of the word. Skaia offers the maximum surface area and the right depth for large conferences and festive meals. It has space for 10 - 12 persons. A smaller version to seat 6 persons is also available. The Nais wire chairs are the perfect complement to this table and combine with it to form an especially exciting and unusual ensemble.

240 x 120 x H 75 cm
130 x 130 x H 75 cm

Alfredo Häberli