• Philippe Starck BaObab Desk
  • Philippe Starck BaObab Desk
  • Philippe Starck BaObab Desk
  • Philippe Starck BaObab Desk
In the hundred years of modern office design starting with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building the office desk has gone through many manifestations. A common thread of much of what happened was the fusion of the table with aspects of a machine. Adjustments of all sorts, legs, glides (later castors), storage, drawers, locks, etc. became themes of office furniture development. They were driven by changes in office technology and office culture. The creations are called systems furniture. Visually they are a collage of tubes, tops, cables, and mechanisms.

With wireless communication and the paperless office in view, the end of history in office design seems near. All we need is a simple table.

Is BaObab, the new desk by Philippe Starck, this simple table? Not quite. It offers cable management and some storage, but it is primarily a sculptural element, which embraces the user, protects her or him, supports the work in a fresh way, and provides the office with a happy accent.

It is made of a one piece body and an additional writing surface. It is an exciting solution for new companies, shops, home offices and established corporations feeling the need for a rejuvenator.

Within the range of products Philippe Starck created for Vitra, the swivel chair Hula Hoop and BaObab form a beautiful pair. The duo creates combined with Loulou as a visitor chair, an inspiring, fresh and exceptional environment.

The materials used in BaObab are Polyethylene and the table top is made out of Polyurethane. Available colours are light yellow, light grey, red, aqua and lime green.

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