• Philippe Starck Bubu Stool
  • Philippe Starck Bubu Stool
Innovative product, designed by Philippe Starck, this graphic and plastic stool is above all practical.

It is like a swiss knife of the furniture world, it is a stool, a side table, a bedside table, a storage box, multi-use piece of furniture and not too expensive. Bubu I embodies all the fashion trends of the last fifteen years. It has successively been available in classical colours, teracotta, taupe, anthacite, steel grey, etc, it has been in playful colours: orange, blue, lillac, etc, and available in translucent colours, violet, green, red, etc, it is finished today in a luxurious silver, gold or pink metallic lacquer, evolving from polypropylene to ABS.

Never out of fashion, included in the biggest modern art and decorative arts museums of the world, Bubu 1er is still selling at a fast pace, because it has never been replaced.

Philippe Starck