• Andreas Störiko Aline Collection
  • Andreas Störiko Aline Collection
  • Andreas Störiko Aline Collection
  • Andreas Störiko Aline Collection
  • Andreas Störiko Aline Collection
Aline, the skid base chair: a graceful stacking performer.

Minimal use of materials, maximum transparency and easy handling characterize Aline, the innovative skid base chair that Andreas Störiko has designed for Wilkhahn. The distinct design of the seat frame allows neat, extremely compact storage, while protecting the fabric, membrane-like upholstery. The seat and the backrest frame is in through-dyed polyamide, across which is stretched a transparent polyester material coated in the same colour, and the skid frame comprises chromium-plated round steel rod. The colour variations (black, grey and white) and the simple, intelligent inline connector make Aline a multi-purpose chair for applications in meeting and seminar environments or in a canteen.

After launching the Aline skid-base chair in 2004, which has since won many awards, Wilkhahn and designer Andreas Störiko have now developed the range even further to create a complete product family by adding bar height stools and swivel office chairs, as well as tables in low, sitting and standing height. Aline is therefore particularly suitable for furnishing “break-out spaces” combining an informal atmosphere with professional use: for example, showrooms and consultation spaces, areas for breaks, lounges and bistros, libraries and internet cafés or a private dining area and home office.

The graceful transparency of the chairs and the slender structure of the tables create a loose and light ambience that extends an invitation to linger and chat. An atmosphere that scores points due to aesthetic quality, comfort and ingenious functionality.

Counter/bar height stool
Consistent with the principle of the skid-base, the cantilevered seat and back frames (optionally with armrests) covered in high-performance mesh, also through-dyed in the black, grey or white, connect to a bright chromium-plated round steel frame by means of an ingenious construction. The base and frame thus form a stable structural grid, integrating a recessed footrest bar with slender cross sections.

Office and visitor swivel chairs
For the swivel and office chairs (optionally with armrests), a specially developed single-section seat frame has been used: a structural four-arm spur, incorporating where applicable a height adjustment control lever, fits directly to the swivel pedestal. A low-profile, four-star base with glides (visitor swivel chair) or a five-star base with castors (office swivel chair), both in bright chromium-plated aluminium, ensure high stability. The seat and back frames are through-dyed in black, grey or white and have a mesh covering in the same colour; the swivel pedestals are bright chromium-plated.

Tables of all heights feature a low-profile, four-star base in bright chromium-plated aluminium, a central column and a slender 12 mm HPL top surface, through-dyed in black or white. Surface protection for stain and mark-free performance. A fascinating, optional feature: high tables have a slot in the top surface and an additional slip-free separator allow up to three tables to stack compactly. Table formats in low and standing height (435 cm / 105 cm) are either square (60 x 60 cm) or circular (diameter 70 cm); sitting height tables (73 cm high) are somewhat larger: 70 x 70 cm or 75 cm in diameter.

Andreas Störiko