• Jordi Miralbell and Mariona Raventós Suma Table Lamp
The Suma lamp is an updated version of halogen desk lamps. It has a structuralist air, an ingenious way of projecting light while avoiding glare. Its swing arm increases the angle at which you can direct the light. The designers took on the challenge of designing a table lamp for work areas; which would cut out glare on the computer screen. It features an adjustable double swing arm. The lamp's base is made from a solid steel cylinder.

The lamp's flexible stem can be angled as desired. The Suma is made of metal and is available in satin nickel or black finishes. The halogen bulb comes in two different strengths which can be adjusted using the small dimmer switch on the cylinder. The shade is cleverly designed to let a sliver of light through a small slit which also serves to cool the halogen bulb. An aluminium reflector increases light output, protects the light bulb and keeps the shade cool. A turned tube doubles up as a cable guide.

An ingenious friction system stops the arm from swinging freely thus preventing damage to the cable. A small black rubber handle provides an attractive contrast to the metal arm. The designers are noted for only making products they would be proud to use in their own home.

Jordi Miralbell
Mariona Raventós


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