• Marco Zanuso Montana Table Lamp
Nudity is the main characteristic of this classicaly shaped table lamp. The light is featured in its fullest expression: without filters, colourless, without any interference from the lampshade and, most importantly, with a subtle presence.

The use of clear materials shows the importance and care the designer has taken over the source of the light: the bulb. With the Montana, Marco Zanuso has developed a good example of how classical forms may adapt to the contemporary by innovatively using transparent materials.

Compact and with a great personality, you can see the contours which shape the Montana and give it a taste of modernity. Its clarity transforms into quality through the hardness of the hand blown Pyrex glass that is used in its creation. The incandescent light of the bulb is undisturbed.

Being 41.5 cm heigh, it is perfect to light up any corner of the house and, at the same time provide a highly expressive atmosphere. Simplicity of form and an extraordinary transparency make Montana an indicator of the purity light may achieve using materials not specifically intended for their original purpose.

Marco Zanuso