• Eero Koivisto Woob Lounge Chair
  • Eero Koivisto Woob Lounge Chair
Woob is more than just a piece of furniture. WOOB creates new ways of working and meeting. Crossing and joining completely different pieces of furniture into a single entity creates not only a different piece of furniture, but also a brand new typology. Woob is a lounge chair with an integrated "table", whose design makes it possible to combine work, meetings and relaxation in new ways. Our workplaces are no longer just office desks and chairs.

Wireless networks, laptop computers and flexible working hours are opening up a host of new workplaces. We are increasingly mobile and work wherever we are, be it in a hotel lounge, the library, at home in bed or in front of the TV. The aim of Woob was to create a piece of furniture that makes working easier and more enjoyable, while facilitating natural breaks and moments of rest. When we relax, our thoughts and creativity are liberated.

That's why Woob is fundamentally a lounge chair with a round plate that acts as a footrest in recline mode. However, it is also designed for working and meeting, when the round plate acts as an integrated table for your laptop, sketch pad or newspaper. A chair can also be pulled up to the "table", ensuring scope for spontaneous meetings. Woob is slender in appearance with an upholstered seating cushion/table and a moulded birch plywood frame which rests on a thin underframe in chrome steel.

Eero Koivisto