• Alfredo Häberli Pick-Up
“When my son took his first steps and grabbed a stool to help him, I immediately saw what was needed. PICK-UP is a combined chair, walking aid and transport facility. Now that my son can walk without difficulty, the PICK-UP has become his car, loaded with all his books. And when he has friends around to visit, he takes them for a ride in his PICK-UP”.

These are the words of designer Alfredo Häberli, master of multi-functionalism with a mission to make everyday life easier. When Alfredo became a father he suddenly asked himself the question, “Where are the exclusive objects designed just for kids and their needs?”.

That question led to the design of PICK-UP in co-operation with OFFECCT. Although PICK-UP was originally designed for kids, it has a character that appeals to adults as well. The reason for this may lie in its proportions, its colours, or simply the fact that it looks funny, rather than in its function as a chair, a walking aid or a book/magazine holder.

The seat and back of the PICK-UP are made in cold foam with flameproof fibre. It is upholstered in fabric and has a wooden frame. The wheels are in metal and rubber.

Alfredo Häberli