• Richard Neutra Boomerang Chair
  • Richard Neutra Boomerang Chair
Richard Neutra believed that architecture should serve as a catalyst for social betterment. When he developed the San Pedro, Calif. Channel Heights Housing project in 1942, he also designed the Boomerang Chair which was intended for its interiors. With a uniquely shaped veneered plywood frame and a form-fitting woven web seating surface, the Boomerang Chair provided an aesthetically rich furniture solution.

Under the guidance of Dion Neutra, House Industries and Otto Design Group have collaborated to make this rare specimen of Modern furniture more widely available - even to those who don't own a Neutra home. The initial edition of 100 chairs has been extensively refined and will be signed and numbered by Dion Neutra and distributed exclusively by House Industries. Available in either genuine walnut or maple finish, the Boomerang Chair's organic form and charmingly simple construction make it a smart addition to any home or business decor.

Width: 25.5",
Depth: 31.5",
Height: 29.75"

Richard Neutra

House Industries