• Ueli Biesenkamp Unischrank Cupboard
  • Ueli Biesenkamp Unischrank Cupboard
  • Ueli Biesenkamp Unischrank Cupboard
The Unischrank consists of 6 cupboard types that can be pushed or screwed together into any size combination. The sliding door forms the closure. One module always remains open. The Unischrank can also be organised on the inside with various interior fittings.

Material:The side panels are made of black-dyed MDF and coated in colourless varnish. All other sections are made of aluminium and can be separated from one another with an Allen key.
Cupboard types:Type 2 Type 2 x 2 Type 2 x 3 Type 3 Type 2 x 3 Type 3 x 3 Add-on kit The system can be expanded by combining the cupboards. 2 or 3 cupboards can be stacked on top of one another with the aid of the add-on kit.

Internal fittings Practically everything that the day-to-day life of an office might require can be achieved by adding aluminium interior fittings. Intermediate shelf (up to 2 can be realistically installed) Extending shelf (up to 10 per module) 9-compartment Unit Extending frame with suspension file frames Form drawers Stabilising cross-piece instead of rear wall A6 drawer

Dimensions: Module width: 745 mm Module height: 327 mm Module depth: 340 mm Shelf: 25 mm Rear panel: 25 mm Sliding door: 25 mm Feet: 70 mm MDF side panel: 16 mm Calculation example Unischrank Typ 2x2: Height: 799 (327x2 + 25x3 + 70 Width: 1538 (745x2 + 16x3) Depth: 390 (340 + 25 + 25)

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