• Patricia Urquiola B Side Bookcase
To underline Moroso’s idea of proposing an actual “Moroso lifestyle” and to add to the ranges of furnishing accessories for the home, the new design proposals include the B Side bookcase by Patricia Urquiola.

B Side is an extremely sophisticated, chic bookcase, lightweight and modular, which allows you to play with the shape. The MDF shelves with black or white lacquer finish are designed like trays with the edges raised and asymmetrical. They can be used from one side and from the other according to the intended use. If used with the higher edge they can serve as containers, vice versa with the lower edge they can hold books. B Side changes its form according to the needs for space.

The uprights are in glass and lighten the structure. At the same time they also enhance it, with a black or white screen-printed geometric surface decoration. B Side enables you also to vary the colour, using all the elements in white or black, or to decide to alternate the two colours, playing with the symmetry and colour scheme.

The shelves are available in two lengths, 70 cm and 100 cm, and the item is designed in two different heights for a classic and capacious bookcase with four shelves or a console with two shelves.

Patricia Urquiola