• Adrian Meyer Wogg 41 Shelving
  • Adrian Meyer Wogg 41 Shelving
  • Adrian Meyer Wogg 41 Shelving
Adrian Meyer has a lot of books, and prefers a tidy environment. He wants to be able to work with his books without always having to spend time tidying up. The books should thus be able to lean without additional bookends being necessary. He looked for a possibility of solving this problem with a design-construction idea.

The result is an elegant leaning framework created in cooperation with wogg Product Development. An unusual optical surprise, in a precarious, nearly floating balance, but one which, thanks to the ingenious construction, is unsurpassed in terms of stability. The tension between the precarious appearance and the solid foothold make this design a very attractive room design element. The material strengths of merely 14 mm for the shelves and 4 mm for the leaning sides contribute significantly to its grace.

This is only possible with the aluminium compound technology developed by wogg and the completely new method for processing edges. The straightforwardness of the construction with the visible 0.5 mm aluminium coating effectively reinforces the impression of precision. The Wogg 41 is most effective as a room divider for both living and work areas. The shelf is unique whether empty or full. As a wall system it also has the advantages of requiring neither that it be attached to the wall nor the need for a rear facing.

lengths: 1.16, 1.93, 2.71 m;
heights: 0.4, 0.76, 1.12, 1.48, 1.85 m

Aluminium compound material or compound material with covering in black melamine.

Adrian Meyer