• Lodovico Acerbis Blitz Shelving
  • Lodovico Acerbis Blitz Shelving
  • Lodovico Acerbis Blitz Shelving
One single door, as large as the facade of the unit, with a perfectly smooth surface, only occasionally interrupted, in an apparently random sequence, by wide square openings. With a simple movement, the door slides until it partially juts out from the side of the unit. In one simple gesture, surprisingly the view changes completely: books disappear, while objects previously hidden are unveiled (tableware, vases, other books or many other objects that we wish to hide away).

On/Off, open/closed, inside /outside... Blitz! A brief intriguing door movement creates not only a new and different piece of furniture, but reverses its function: when closed seems to be a shelving or display unit, when opened offers the storage capacity of a sideboard.

Structure matt lacquered white or black. Door in wood matt lacquered white or black or in glossy Setapan® white or black. Setapan® is an innovative high quality material made of massive acrylic coloured inside and with glossy surfaces. Resistant against scratches, UV rays, it can be repaired in case of rifling and it is fully recyclable at the end of its use.

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