• Martin Kleinhans Performascreen
  • Martin Kleinhans Performascreen
  • Martin Kleinhans Performascreen
Performascreen describes an arc. The new shelf–system by performa brings a curved line into the room. Performascreen is not a rigid system. 30 degree circle segments, which are aligned to one another, form different shapes.

They can either be combined to a quadrant, a sine wave or to a individually defined form. The materials have never been used in that way before. The shelf consists of opaque, translucent acrylic glass elements, which are tightly wound by stainless steel ropes. Performascreen is light – physical and visual. It has an immaterial appearance. Performascreen is 30 cm in depth and has an arc length of 178 cm it is available in any height that is required.

Due to this and through its transparency and geometry it is an ideal and remarkable attractive room divider. On top of that the system offers plenty of storage space freestanding, performascreen can be filled from both sides. It can be closed by sliding doors and thereby provides protection of dust and sight without loosing its high tranlucance.

Assembling and converting is simple and makes the shelf very flexible. Performascreen is sculpture and architecture. The translucance lightens up the room and allows contact to the „opposite side”. The shelf is highly functional, sophisticated and communicative. Performascreen is a personality, a partner for living and working.

Martin Kleinhans