• Bruno Fattorini Whitecase
  • Bruno Fattorini Whitecase
Units, both stackable and modular as a column, made with medium-density wood fibreboards lacquered in white. Open or closed with doors, drawers or large drawers.

Depth 41.2, length 94 and 124 cm, height: base (with ground-resting plinth) 43.2/22.6 cm - stackable units 41.2/ 20.6 cm - single storage units (with plinth and top) 45.2 /24.6. Hanging element in height 43.2.

Doors made with a white-lacquered aluminium frame and extra light tempered clear or satin-finished glass, or with sandwich panels, lacquered in white. Fronts of drawers and large drawers in white-lacquered medium-density wood fibreboards.

The Whitecase can be dimensionally combined with the LCD/Plasma Television Panel system and with Monolite.

Bruno Fattorini

MDF Italia