• Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto Venus Wall Lamp
  • Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto Venus Wall Lamp
A sculpturally shaped wall lamp in an elegantly ornamental taste that brings out the expressive qualities of glass and steel.Resting on a stainless steel reflecting plate is a moulded glass, available in the metal or satin-finished versions.

In both its finishes the diffuser prevents dazzle and ensures an excellent spread of luminosity. Thanks to the radiation created by the mirror sheet, Venus does not cause the blackening of walls typical of other wall lamps. The sodium calcium composition of the glass avoids the appearance in its sections of the greenish reflections characteristic of lamps made with Pyrex. Venus can be mounted one immediately above another, so as to create a luminous column and interesting design. Standard tests in fact guarantee this type of installation, which causes absolutely no heat-emission problems. A row of Venus lamps can also be composed horizontally.

Stainless steel plate. Moulded glass.

Satin, Metallized.

D46: 28 x 19 x H 24 cm D46pi: 21 x 15 x H 18 cm

Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzatto